How to Focus the Camera

How to initially focus you lens on your camera board

1. Pop open the lid where the power supply jack and RCA jack is located. A small flat head screw driver will help.

2. You shall see 4 screws holding in the camera board.

3. Gently pull the camera board out of the tube.

4. Place the camera board onto a flat surface facing an object approximately 30cm or 12 inches from the front of the camera.

5. Power up your camera/screen via the DC jack.

6. Your screen shall now show the object but will potentially be blurry.

7. The lens can now be turned clock-wise or counter clock-wise to bring the image into focus.

8. Once you have established a sharp image you may now use the locking ring to secure the lens to keep it stable.

9. Remove the power supply by unpluging the the cable from the DC jack.

10. Before fitting the camera board back into the tube make sure that the lens is free from any accidental finger prints.

11. Place the camera board back into the tube. A slot is inside the tube is there to guide the lens mount into the correct position.

12. Screw in two of the screws initially diagonally.

13. Press the lid back on

14. Mount the tube to your scope, approximately 2-3cm over your eye-bell should allow a firm grip.

15. Power up your camera/screen via the DC jack.

16. The cross hairs should now be visible on your screen. If the cross hairs are clear and crisp you have successfully focused the lens.

All you need to do now is remove the lid once more and place the two final screws

Should your cross hairs be not quite focused you may need to remove the camera board again to refine the focus by
turning the lens clock-wise or counter clock-wise 1/2 a turn at a time until satisfied.