Q. What camera board is used?

A. The camera board is a ⅓ inch Sony Super HAD CCD 700 TVL. It has the ability to adjust the sensitivity to suit your needs.

Q. Is the IR filter removed on the camerboard?

A. This is a standard requirement so all IR filters are removed to improve the range of the setup.

Q. What range can it cover?

A. This is dependant on the IR illuminator. In the same way a normal torch works the more powerful your torch the further you can see. With a T20 3 Mode IR torch 150 meter is comfortably covered. If greater ranges are required T38, T67 and T74 torches are available for purchase on.

Q. Will it fit my scope?

A. It will slide on to most scopes with an eye bell diameter of 40-46mm. if you are unsure please contact me before purchasing.

Q. How much does it weigh?

A. Excluding a battery supply. The total weight is only 240g and is easily mounted to most rifle scopes. On some scopes it may be required to purchase an additional coupler or some insulation tape is required to make the add-on fit.

Q. How is it powered?

A. The unit itself requires 12v DC power supply. A battery holder for 3×18650 batteries can also be used. This is connected via a 2.5mm male DC jack. Should you wish to use an alternative power supply the DC jack on the add-on is centre positive.

Q. How does night vision work?

As with your eye light must be detected to view something. In this case it is via the image sensor on the camera board. Having removed the IR (Infared) filter this enables as much IR light to picked up by the sensor. To assist in this an IR torch will provide illumination but as the light waves are invisible there is no actual illumination that can be seen with the naked eye.