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If you have built your own kit before or just starting out this site is aimed at putting you on the right path for a Night Vision addon to suit your budget. Buy for as little as £110 + P&P BUY IT NOW!

DIY Night Vision 3d printed scope DIY Night Vision 3d printed scope

The Night Vision scope add-on is usable alternative to using night vision binoculars.

By using a Night vision scope in the way I have built them enables you to use the camera for Youtube. You don’t actually need a specific youtube camera itself but one that will have a ⅓” CCD sensor with its Infa Red filter removed.

In addition to using a scope and binoculars there are also Night Vision Goggles. The NVG are mounted to your head or helmet.

Night Vision scopes, Night Vision binoculars and Night Vision Goggles all fall under the category Night Vision device or NVD. As technology moves on different methods of improving the ability to see in the dark will move on.

Most Night Vision devices and their application is by milatary forces around the world however generally security and wildlife watching have also taken advantage of the steps made.

For those wanting to build their own Night Vision Scope the most popular one by far is using active illumination by means of an infared torch coupled with a suitable camera. The most popular type has a specification of 700 TVL coupled with a Sony Effio Super Had chip with its infared filter removed. The torch specification is dependent of range required and this range from T20, T38, T50, T67 and T74. The general rule of thumb is the large the torch the further the range. Another element is the frequency of the Infared LED, the most poular being 850nm and 940nm. This video gives a full explaination Range video.